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"First Gastroenterology Super Specialty Hospital of Gujarat"

Helpline No: +91 98244 40044 , +91-79-2791 4444


Quality care :

  • To ensure minimum waiting time for outpatients, before they are attended to by a qualified doctor and / or specialists and continuously strive to improve upon it.
  • All patients and visitors to the hospital will receive courteous and prompt attention from the staff and officials of the kaizen hospital in the use of its various services.
  • To ensure treatment of emergency cases with utmost promptness and attention.
  • Kaizen Hospital encourages the patients and the public to inform the authorities when they have any grievances. Suggestion / complaint boxes and register is provided at the reception and can also be given through feedback forms.
  • The patients and families rights are in consonance to accreditation standards.
  • Reliability and promptness of diagnostic investigation results is ensured and whenever possible such reports will be made available as early as possible
  • Operation theatre is maintained on a regular basis to ensure that they are serviceable all the time and every effort will be made to keep the kaizen hospital and its surroundings, clean, infection-free and hygienic.
  • A regular system of obtaining feedback from the employees is in place through exit interviews and periodic surveys. The inputs from these are continuously used for improving the service standards.
  • In an endeavor to continually improve and keep the Quality Level at par with the best in industry, the kaizen hospital has developed Quality Improvement Program to cover the comprehensive quality of input, process and output
  • Kaizen Hospital follows all policies, processes, programs, committee meetings, regulatory guidelines which has been prepared to meet the standards of accreditation as set by NABH.