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Chang Your Lifestyle..Change Your Life..

Creating awareness in the society for healthier lifestyle

Change your lifestyle, Change your life is a social initiative by KAIZEN Hospital for awareness of the Society for healthier lifestyle.


The aim of the Programme is to develop awareness of healthy lifestyle to prevent lifestyle disorders and to create healthier society.


To promote health and well being in society.

To bring about healthy and positive changes in society by health Education.

To identify social and environmental health indicators that adversely affects lifestyle.

To undertake health awareness activities at public palces, schools and in organizations.

What is lifestyle disorders?

Lifestyle disorders are physical and mental disorders which are caused by an unhealthy lifestyle & can be prevented by changes in

 diet, environment and lifestyle.

Most common lifestyle disorders

Gastritis Hypertension

GERD (Acidity) Diabetes Mellitus

Peptic Ulcers Heart Diseases

Obesity Depression

Cancer Arthritis

Can we Change Lifestyle disorders?

Yes – by Awareness, Healthy habits & Behavior Modification

Proper Diet & Body weight

Increase level of physical activity

Proper sun exposure

By avoiding smoking & alcohol abuse

Managing stress

Tips to active lifestyle

Combination of balanced diet includes carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and some fats will maintain healthy life.

Incorporate physical activity and exercise into your daily tasks on regular basis.

Daily yoga and asana relives stress.

Set yourself achievable goals and challenges to stay motivated and rewarded.

Plan and priorities your activities with rest periods.

Get a good night’s rest, but avoid sitting or lying still as much as possible during the day.

Cycling or walking to the local store instead of driving to pick up small items.

Make it fun! Try a new sport like tennis or badminton. More enjoy the exercise, more likely you are to stick to it.

For more details contact Kaizen Hospital

Services at Kaizen Hospital

Dedicated Lifestyle Team includes Dietician, Physiotherapist, Psychiatrist, Physician and Surgeon.

Monthly workshops for lifestyle disorders.

Awareness programmes in Hospitals, Schools and Organizations.

Counseling for lifestyle disorder by experts.

Body fat analysis.

Specially designed health checkup plans.

Weight loss packages.