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GI Surgery

GISurgery.info is a virtual surgical repository, accessible from anywhere in the world through the Internet. It is been launched by Dr.SanjivHaribhakti, Ahmedabad, India.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide the surgical community, scientific societies, medical teaching centers and industries with the first, worldwide, online training in GI surgery, information on the latest GI surgical breakthroughs and the possibility to chat with GI surgeons and experts from all over the world.

GISurgery.info and its scientific founders, Dr.SanjivHaribhakti, Dr. K.S. Patel, Dr.Atul Shah, Dr.JitendraMistry and Dr.HarshadSoni, all recognized experts in the fields of GI surgery, aim to accelerate the diffusion of knowledge and technological innovations throughout the world, in order to offer GI surgeons and their teams direct access to the latest developments in GI surgery and to improve patient comfort and well-being.

Our focus

GISurgery.info has decided to initially focus on service to the GI surgical community, including surgeons and nurses. It offers a product that aims to match their needs of training, conveying information, exchanges.

Our mission

  • Regularly provide the World Virtual Repository with superior scientific and technical content that presents state-of-the-art GI surgical techniques, protocols and equipment in all GI surgical specialties;
  • present training modules and provide complete information concerning GI surgical protocols, the latest accredited techniques and videos accompanied with comments from world-renowned surgical experts;
  • offer continuing medical education (CME) and accreditation;
  • provide online access to quality surgical catalogues;
  • supplement this content with a wide variety of services to surgeons to facilitate their quest for knowledge;
  • Using every communication medium offered by the Internet to make GI surgical content accessible to surgeons.

GISurgery.info is currently available in English.

Fore more info visit our website  www.GISurgery.info