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"First Gastroenterology Super Specialty Hospital of Gujarat"

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Gastrointestinal surgery is one of the superspeciality surgical branch.GI team deals with major & vital organ such as liver, pancreas and intestine. GI surgery includes wide spectrum of surgery from minor to major operations like Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries, Whipple’s operation, liver resections and oesophagectomy may be done on emergency & routine basis. It includes variety of diagnostic & therapeutic endoscopic procedures; It includes wide range of patients from haemodynamically normal to patients in shock due to sepsis and leaks. Surgery is done in different patient positions like supine, lithotomy & prone.

Adequate sedation and analgesia are important parts of operations, diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures. Various levels of sedation and analgesia (anesthesia) may be used depending on the patient’s status and the procedure being performed. Understanding of this variety of procedures, pathophysiology involved and condition of patients at the time of operation is key to plan the management of anaesthesia.

     Goals of anaesthesia at Kaizen hospital are safe, comfortable and pain free perioperativecourse to have better outcome of our patients.

Anaesthesia Department at Kaizen Hospital

    Look After

*    Pre-operative evaluation of various patients to assess the severity of the disease and associated co morbidities of the patients.

*    Otimization of these patients’ cardio respiratory status and fluid and nutritional status.

*    Design suitable plan for anesthesia including General Anaesthesia and Combined with Epidural Analgesia wherever indicated.

*    Provide Perioperative high quality analgesia by multimodal approach using continuous Intravenous infusions or epidural 

      delivery systems.