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"First Gastroenterology Super Specialty Hospital of Gujarat"

Helpline No: +91 98244 40044 , +91-79-2791 4444


An Initiative of Kaizen Hospital - for creating a healthier Society.

At Kaizen, we believe that we have a responsibility towards the society. We understand that India is a diverse country, and that people who are socio-economically deprived, should also have a right and an access to the most advanced technology for the diagnosis of their diseases and treatment.

We are convinced that Prevention of Disease is thousand times better than the cure of the disease. We also believe that health awareness and educating the masses, is the best way to prevent the disease.

We are planning to treat the socio-economically deprived sections of our society with a provision for free treatment at Kaizen Hospital for deserving patients with life threatening diseases.

With these objectives in mind, we have decided to focus on the emerging health problems of the community, such as

1. Life style disorders - such as GERD, Obesity, Diabetic, Heart diseases etc by public awareness programs.

2. Infectious Diseases - such as Gastroenteritis, Typhoid, Viral Hepatitis, HIV, and others by public hygiene and immunization.

3. Cancers - such as large intestinal, esophagus, stomach and oral cavity by screening and early diagnosis.

4. Addictions - to smoking, Tobacco and Alcohol, is a major cause for cancers, cirrhosis and pancreatitis.

5. Suicidal attempts - in young people by consuming acid is a major social problem, which debilitates their life.

The different activities planned include in-house public awareness programs, creating public awareness material in Guajarati, community programs for hygiene and immunization awareness and donation drives.

The Kaizen Social Responsibility program and its activity is spearheaded by Dr. Neebha Haribhakti, who has been involved in many social activities. She is a co-founder of Jagruti Foundation, an NGO working for physically and mentally challenged individuals. She works voluntarily for Manav Sadhana and Abhisaar organizations involved in educating the slum children.

Donations for these social activities are welcome.

Contact Person - Dr Neebha Haribhakti

Email id: nharibhakti@gmail.com